Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flood of Tears - M. Lori Motley

Author: M. Lori Motley
Author web: M. Lori Motley
Date: 2009
Setting: anywhere, in the present day
Availability: In the anthology Elements of the Soul

Story: Leesa and her son Ethan are just beginning to learn what life is going to be like for them since Leesa’s husband, Ethan’s father, was sent to prison for rape and murder. At school, Ethan’s former friend calls him names, while his mother confronts Leesa. Only Ethan’s teacher seems to understand, and show a willingness to treat Ethan as before. Ethan had been cast for the lead in the school play, “The Sword in the Stone,” and the boy is truly excited about being discovered to be King Arthur. Other children’s parents are not so sure they think the choice of students is appropriate for the role.

But on the way to opening night, a wild storm threatens to tear away the Carson Street bridge while Leesa and Ethan are crossing it in their unreliable truck.

Commentary: Flood of Tears explores the reactions of people when confronted with a genuine tragedy of life. Those near to a wrong-doer may be treated as if they share a part of the blame, while the accusers revel in their own self-righteousness. There is possibly a sub-theme of Old Testament justice.

Author info: M. Lori Motley's most prolific writing genres are sword & sorcery, contemporary and urban fantasy, horror, dark fantasy, comedic fantasy, and paranormal & fantasy romance.

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Language skills 5
Depth of meaning 6


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