Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sunset Cruise - Jean Davis

Author: Jean Davis
Date: 2018
Setting: present day, somewhere in the topics
Availability: Read Sunset Cruise in the anthology Destiny Pills and Space Wizards

Story: A young bride, Jane, and her (literally) knight in shining armor on a magnificent horse head out on a honeymoon cruise. Bill can't bear to be parted from his beloved horse. And so, the horse and the armor accompany them on the ship. Jane is having a hard time competing, but Bill is oh, so handsome! Can she penetrate Bill's defenses? How will this relationship affect her in the future?

Commentary: When beginning to read this story one might think of it as some sort of modern day fairy tale. However the deeper truths quickly become apparent. Lengthy commentary would result in a spoiler.

The short stories by Jean Davis are written primarily for entertainment and to provoke thought. Most of them are not going to yield up tidy lessons or provide deep insight into the meaning of life. But they will make you think. Some will make you chuckle, or nod approvingly as karma comes full circle.

Author info: Jean Davis lives in West Michigan, and writes speculative fiction and science fiction. She is continually fascinated by the question, "What if...?" This story and the 15 others in the anthology Destiny Pills and Space Wizards, will appeal to anyone who has enjoyed Twilight Zone. Connect with Jean through her blog at Discarded Darlings.

Language skills 4
Depth of meaning 6