Sunday, August 29, 2010

Love & Loss - Lindsay Maddox

Author: Lindsay Maddox
Author web:
Date: 2009
Setting: anywhere, in the present day
Availability: In the anthology Elements of the Soul

Story: This tale follows the parallel stories of a college girl named Sara and another young woman named Lauren. Both have just found out that they are pregnant, but their reactions to this situation are completely different.

Sara is devastated, but Lauren and her husband have been trying hard to have a baby for years. They have previously lost three babies through miscarriage. This new pregnancy is a another chance, yet they are wary of becoming too hopeful of the outcome. The story line alternates between the lives of the two women, and eventually they become intertwined.

Commentary: The emotions of the two women are the key element of the action. Anyone who has ever wanted a baby will identify with this story. Themes are maternal love, and making good choices. I don't believe there are any secondary meanings in Love & Loss. It's a straightforward read, with a bit of a twist on situations that are all too common in our society where some women want a child desperately, while others prefer a career path.

Author info: Lindsay Maddox is a graduate of Western Washington University with a degree in Business and Marketing, but her true love is writing. That is, when she can find a scrap of time and energy left over from loving and caring for four small children, which includes a set of twins. She is the author of a popular blog, Silly Mom Thoughts, and is working on a novel for young adults.

Language skills 7
Depth of meaning 7



  1. Great quick review of Love & Loss by Lindsay Maddox. She does have a unique voice for her stories. I love all the stories in EofS. Thank you for reviewing them for us!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful review, Shark! I am flattered that you took time out to write this up. :*)

  3. Great review! Love & Loss is a beautiful story, Lindsay Maddox is one of my favorite authors in Elements of the Soul. Thanks for reviewing the short stories in this book for us. I look forward to reading more of them!


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